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1. Bringing external perspectives, capacity and expertise
2. From facilitated workshops to long term engagements 

Working with your Board and Management, we help develop, drive and implement initiatives, while knowledge sharing, coaching and encouraging your team. From facilitated workshops to longer term engagements, we will co-develop a way forward based on your needs and budget. All are aimed at providing an affordable way of bringing in an external perspective, helping to shape, prioritise and catalyse.   


Supporting Social Entrepreneurs in building business models that are both Impactful and Investable

Bootcamp: Kickstart Your Social Startup

Online Workshop : June / July 2018
Whether you have an idea to be nurtured, or a social business that needs focus and momentum, this bootcamp will provide practical help and advice to attract the financing, support and contacts you need.
Full of practical guidance and tools, we will help you develop your impact story, business model and case for support, to validate and communicate your business concept.

Business Model Development

including an investment case for support
With the aid of a whiteboard(!), we can help you develop your thinking, creating a Value Proposition and Cost Architecture, for development into a sustainable and investable business model.
This includes consideration from the investor perspective, with regard key factors, risk and language, to ensure the business attracts the finance and human capital it needs.


Guiding charities and NGOs through clarifying priorities, re-imagining organisational models for impactful, sustainable and effective services

Clarifying Organisational Priorities

This workshop helps to understand and align strategic priorities for the next 18 months. Taking into account the context the organisation is working within, we act as a mirror to the Board and Management Team, helping to identify where the organisation needs strengthening to meet it short and long term goals. Potential key questions to address include:

  • What are our priorities and key actions for the next 18 months?
  • Are we innovating and collaborating, making best use of resources?
  • Do we have appropriate organisational agility, readiness and resilience?

Time for a business model review?

In considering how to be more impactful and sustainable, the focus of this workshop will be on bringing clarity to the key drivers, opportunities and risks within the business model.
Using a range of approaches and tools, we will focus in on the finances from an impact perspective, building a picture of key priorities and next steps.

  • What are the key trends and opportunities to be explored?
  • How should we develop revenue diversity, predictability and pricing?
  • Where can we better use our resources, in accordance with our strategic priorities?

Collaboration & Support

Facilitating the Not for Profit Finance community in sharing ideas, experiences and resources

Finance Director Coaching & Support

Whether providing additional expertise, support and coaching, or acting as Finance Director  through periods of transition, our approach is to work collaboratively with your team, building skills, frameworks and confidence.
Whether you are working with an organisation that is evolving, in transiton or in limbo, a confidential sounding board to runs ideas and thoughts past, can be extremely helpful. A confidential service from a highly experienced FD, an initial face to face meeting will be followed by Skype calls to provide support and an external perspective on issues and challenges when needed.

Interested in an “Online” FD? 

Are you a small to medium Not for Profit organisation who is happy with their day to day financial management, but would like to tap into for strategic financial support when needed?
We would be happy to have a call with you to develop an affordable arrangement to meet your needs – perhaps a day a month, for an annual strategy and budgeting workshop,  oversight of the monthly finances, attendance on Board calls, plus  someone who is familiar with your organisation “on hand” to call on for advice and feedback as needed.


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